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 TempTrak™ by Cooper-Atkins offers 24/7 remote temperature, humidity, door open / close and steam trap monitoring. From -200 to 148 degrees celsius, this system allows a facility to monitor an unlimited number of points in an unlimited number of buildings with one peice of software! When looking for a proven wireless system, facilities turn to TempTrak, currently monitoring over 60,000 pieces of equipment in over 1,200 locations worldwide!

The TempTrak system wirelessly transmits real-time data to an on-site or remote computer and provides instantaneous alerts and reports for trend analysis, historical data files and documentation of corrective actions.

TempTrak is primarily recognized for monitoring equipment storage temperatures. TempTrak eliminates the need for labour-intensive manual temperature monitoring and provides real-time, highly accurate data.



  • Market share leader in wireless temperature monitoring
  • Proven reliability
  • Exceeds regulatory requirements
  • Preferred over any other provider

TempTrak Transmitters (sensors):

  • Battery powered

  • Requires no hard-wired connectivity

  • Easy to mount in any location

  • Transmit information wirelessly to the TempTrak software

  • Collects and records data 24/7

The TempTrak software is installed on your server and secured with all other critical data. If the server is unavailable, the TempTrak system can operate in a fallback "batch" mode where the transmitter data is temporarily saved in a "buffer" at the base receiver. Each transmitter monitors against preset conditions and if a temperature falls out of range TemTrak will alert you with a number of sensor notification alerts.

TempTrak software creates a variety of reports on all information collected throughout the system and provides documentation of corrective actions.

All communication between the transmitters and the base receiver are via a unique frequency-looping network. All hardware can co-exist with other wireless communication operating on the same, or nearby frequency bands.

Transmitter information recorded by the database is time-stamped and cannot be altered through user interface.

Temperature data can be displayed in either ºF or ºC.


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