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Induction Heated Pizza Delivery

                                      "No one orders a cold pizza, so why would you deliver one"                

You can make the best pizza in the world, but if you deliver it cold or soggy, your customers will not return.

This cordless system used by all the major pizza delivery chains has proved its reliability and effectiveness since its introduction in 1999.  21 years later it is still the world leader.

The CookTek PTDS (Pizza Thermal Delivery System) can keep up to 3 pizzas hot AND crispy for up to 45 minutes.

The re-heat time depends on how long the bag has been out for deliveery - the system automatically adjusts re-heat time, so could be from 30 to 90 seconds.

Very simple to operate in a busy kitchen - a simple red light, green light system:

No wires to get tangled, no connectors to get wet or broken -

Simply place an empty bag on the induction charger - the red light shows the element is heating.

When red changes to green, the bag is ready to be packed and deliver piping hot, quality food.

No problem to leave the empty bag ready and waiting on the charger until the food is ready to be packed - the system will keep checking the element and give it a boost if necessary - so the system is always ready to deliver piping hot, great quality food to your customers.

2 systems available - PTDS Standard for 16" pizzas and PTDS XL for 18" pizzas. Please note, the 16" and 18" systems are not compatible (e.g. you can't use a Standard 16" charger for XL 18" bags). 

                                        "No one orders a cold pizza, so why would you deliver one" 


CookTek Pizza Heated Bag Delivery System 16" pizzas

Features & Benefits

  • Keeps pizzas hot and crispy for up to 45 minutes
  • Uniqu heating element combines with moisture control system to maintain restaurant quality
  • Recharges in average less than 60 seconds
  • Automatic and simple red light / green light operation
  • No cords or electronics in the bag
  • 200 - 240V AC
  • Do NOT mix with 18" (457mm) chargers and bags
  • Do NOT mix with ThermaCube delivery system or bags

CookTek Pizza Bag Heated Delivery System for 18" pizzas

PTDS system for 18" pizzas.

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