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HEAT and HUMIDITY CONTROL are the key factors in delivering HOT, restaurant QUALITY food.

Keep up to 3 pizzas hot and maintain quality for up to 45 minutes!

Deliver even fried food still hot, fresh and crispy up to 30 minutes - perfect for fish and chips (up till now, very difficult to deliver with quality).

For over 20 years CookTek has been the leader in heated bag delivery systems and is still the only heated system used by all leading pizza chains.

To keep food hot AND in good condition (not soggy!) it is essential to control humidity as well as maintain high temperature.

The patented CookTek system combines a special heating element with humidity control using 3M Thinsulate - the best breathable insulation available.

The heating element has a special Temperature Sensitive Alloy (TSA) at its core.  This acts like a thermostat, but without wires, to make the system robust and waterproof.  Energy is transferred by high efficiency wireless induction charging to the TSA, which heats the specially treated thermoplastic layer surrounding the TSA and is able to store enough energy to keep 3 pizzas hot for around 45 minutes.

There are 2 systems, (similar, but not compatible) - one for pizzas, one for other hot food. The operation is a simple red light, green light system for ease of use:

Simply place the bag on the charger (no wires to get tangled, no connectors to get broken) - the red light shows the element is heating.

When the green light shows, the bag is ready to be packed and deliver piping hot, crispy food. No problem to leave the bag ready and waiting on the charger until the food is ready (but be sure to take the bag off the charger first!) .

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