The development of containers to work with the Magic Vac machines, has brought new benefits to the caterer, allowing the Chefs to marinate or tenderise in as little as ten minutes. The containers vary in size, and each feature the Magic Vac patented valve.

The vast range of Magic Vac executive, accesssories in addition to the bags rolls and universal lids, includes a vast assortment of containers, an efffective and rapid solution for tidy storage for fridges and freezers.

A storage system that maintains the taste of frequently used products.

The introduction of the new 1/1 stainless steel gastranorm vacuuming container, enables the Chef to marinate and tenderise protein in significant quantities.


Containers and Lids  

Absolute protection

The smoke grey colour of the containers protects foodstuffs from daylight

Professional Line "Executive" Containers

XXXXXXX High Volume 1/1 Gastranorm Marinating Container

ACO1002 4 litre Executive canister with lid in retail box
ACO1003 2 litre Executive canister with lid in retail box
ACO1004 1.5 litre Executive canister with lid in retail box
ACO1005 Executive canister set: 4 + 2 litre canisters with lids in retail box
ACO1006 Executive canister set: 2 + 1.5 litre canisters with lids in retail box
ACO1073 2.5 litre square Executive rapid marinating canister with lid in retail box
4 L
2 L
1.5 L

Square Canister

Rapid Marinating

2.5 L


ACO1011 Large universal lid Ø 125 in retail box
ACO1012 Small universal lid Ø 100 in retail box
ACO1074 Square Executive lid (for 2.5 canister) in bulk
ACO1010 Small lid Ø 180 (for 2 litre Executive canister) in bulk
ACO1009 Large lid Ø 210 (for 1.5 and 4 litre Executive canister) in bulk


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