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Induction Thermacube


Keep food hot and maintain quality for 30 minutes - even fried food such as fish and chips can now be delivered hot and crispy.

The secret to maintaining quality of hot food is combining an efficient heating element with effective humidity control - essential to preserve the quality of hot food - especially food previously considered "diffficult" to deliver without going soggy, such as fish and chips or any other fried food.

The CookTek ThemaCube system is similar to the pizza system but is more sophisticated due to the greater bag volume. An RFID chip (an electronic tag) is used to recognise each individual bag, so the re-heat time is automatically adjusted depending on how long the bag has been out on delivery. Re-heat time can vary from 20 to 120 seconds (a little longer than for pizza due to the much larger bag volume).

The operation is a simple red light, green light system:

Place the bag on the charger (no wires or connectors) - the red light shows the element is heating.

When the green light shows, the bag is ready to be packed (be sure to take bag off charger first!).

No problem to leave the empty bag ready and waiting on the charger until the food is ready - the system will boost the element if necessary - so the system is always ready to deliver piping hot, great quality food to your customers.



CookTek Thermacube Food Bag Delivery

The CookTek Standard ThermaCube thermal delivery bags are designed for use with CookTek’s TCS200 ThermaCube induction bag chargers.
A ThermaCube heating element assembly must be ordered for each bag.

Replacement bags are available separately as spares.

CookTek ThermaCube Standard (TCS) bag size

TCS Outside Dimensions W 36cm x D 34cm X H 25cm

Supplied with removable internal divider (Velcro tabs)

CookTek ThermaCube Tall (TCT) bag size

TCT Ouside Dimensions W36cm at base, expanding to 38cm at top. D 34cm at base, expanding to 36cm at top. H 33cm.

Supplied with removable internal divider (Velcro tabs)

Bags/elements to be used with CookTek ThermaCube TCS200 charger only, and not with the CookTek PTDS Pizza Delivery System.

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