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Energy saving features high in our company profile - cooking with CookTek induction is over 90% energy efficient, compared to only 30% to 50% for a gas hob.  In addition, induction only uses power when the pan is on the hob - as soon as the pan is removed, the energy stops*.  Contrast this with gas hobs, which are not only inefficient, but are usially left burning (and wasting) energy even when the pan is removed.  With such energy savings the payback for CookTek induction can be sooner than you think - please ask for a personalised assessment using our cost comparison calculator.  ( * A tiny amount of energy, around 15W is used when the ventilation fan is running - a bit like a computer.)

Induction cooking, besides being a lage energy saver, brings a host of other benefits:

The benefits of cooking with CookTek induction:-

Faster – induction heats the pan directly

Safer – no flames, hot coil or other radiant heat source

Cleaner – because the glass surface remains cools, spills don’t burn on – cleaning takes seconds

Cooler – no flame or radiant heat means a cooler cooking environment – heat the food, not the kitchen

Cheaper – CookTek induction is over 90% efficient, gas is only 30% to 50% efficient, so with CookTek nearly all your energy £ heats the pan, with gas up to 70% heats the kitchen!

Controllable - just the same controllabilty as gas.

Induction technology has been used in the foodservice industry since the 60's. Over the years the technology has become very reliable, flexible and powerful. Cooktek Commercial Induction Hobs start at 2.5Kw per hob and increase, in various Kw loadings, to 8Kw per hob, ensuring we have a suitable power rating for most kitchen environments.

All Cooktek cooking equipment is supported by a 5 year parts and labour warranty.

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