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Energy saving features high in our Accutemp Steam'n'Hold Ovens. These connectionless ovens, in a very busy site, will use around 25 - 30 litres of water a day, where as the smallest conected steam oven will use 118 litres of water an hour (just think of the cost of heating 118 litres of water an hour). With these savings, the financial investment in Accutemp is quickly recouped.

These rugged machines which are manufactured in America, are designed to take the abuse of a very busy kitchen. We have many clients in the UK where their ovens are over 12 years old, and still going strong, and enjoying increased energy saving as electricity, water and waste costs continue to rise.

The cooking abilities of these steam ovens will equal any other steamer in the market, with the added advantage the recovery times are quicker, and the ovens can be used to hold cooked items.

Due to the reliability of these ovens, they are supported with an after sales service of 5 years parts and labour warranty, a first for steam ovens in our market.

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