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All induction is not the same! CookTek are induction specialists – the global brand leader based in Dallas USA, they only design and manufacture heavy duty induction for commercial use, with reliability and usability top priorities.

The CookTek difference  -

- Cooktek use a self-oscillating inverter, which requires more sophisticated hardware and software, but results in fast power transfer which is very controllable, just like a gas hob.

- CookTek makes their own induction coils with high quality copper Litz* wire to give maximum power transfer to the pan and very even heat spread across the pan surface.

- CookTek use higher grade electronic components compared to most others and pay particular attention to air circulation and cooling – the benefit is a 5 year warranty.

- CookTek are the only induction hobs approved by the Craft Guild of Chefs due to their fast power, controllability, even heat spread and robust construction.

The benefits of cooking with CookTek induction:-

Faster – induction heats the pan directly

Safer – no flames, hot coil or other radiant heat source

Cleaner – because the glass surface remains cools, spills don’t burn on – cleaning takes seconds

Cooler – no flame or radiant heat means a cooler cooking environment – heat the food, not the kitchen

Cheaper – CookTek induction is over 90% efficient, gas is only 30% to 50% efficient, so with CookTek nearly all your energy £ heats the pan, with gas up to 70% heats the kitchen!

Controllable- just the same controllability as gas.

Please enjoy looking through the CookTek pages and viewing the short videos showing the CookTek advantage.

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