FlashGRILL is a major innovation not only for energy reduction but also for improved cooking performance. The innovative element making FlashGRILL different from all other cooking systems in the market, is its heating system. Unique and extremely advanced, this patented system keeps the temperature even and stable on the entire cooking surface with a precise temperature control, achieving performance levels never achieved before.

Unlike traditional grills, whose surface is heated directly by electric elements or by gas, FlashGRILL works with a patented indirect heating system, in which elements are immersed in diathermic fluid inside a sealed chamber. By exploiting the characteristics of diathermic (heat transfer) fluid, heat produced by electric elements is absorb by the fluid and distributed uniformly across the entire cooking surface. This keeps the temperature even and stable on the cooking surface with no hot or cold spots. Recovery time, even when using frozen food, is very rapid as the diathermic fluid reacts quickly to any cold food placed on the surface, ensuring the temperature returns fast and efficiently. Cooking time is reduced and food quality improved. Lower temperatures can be used to retain moisture and preserve flavours and texture with less chance of burnt food.

This method of heating the flashGRILL results in lower kW loadings when compared to other griddles in the market, resulting in up to 70% saving in energy. There are 19 models in the range, 16 of which can be run on either single phase or three phase (needs to be specified when ordering), the other three griddles are dedicated to three phase. The 5 smallest griddles have a kW rating of only 2.7 and can work off 13A plugs.

The flashGRILLS carry a comprehensive 5 years parts and labour warranty.


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